Trading Advice

Trading Advice
Negotiating a trade

1  When you contact another member to make a trade, make absolutely sure that both of you are clear about what you are trading: the price? the time scale? the standard of work?

2  Everything is negotiable. If you're not happy with the suggested price, timing or other details of a trade - negotiate.

3  Make sure that you know if there is a portion you have to pay in sterling, and what costs, if any, there may be i.e. for travel, materials, etc..

4  All prices are negotiable, but Heanor & District Lets has agreed a guideline for trades which involve time of 5 slabs per hour. Another guide that you can use is one Slab =one pound.

5  Remember that slabs are issued by you and are not in short supply. You create them when you buy something, and from then on they are available to help other people do the same.

6  You don't need to have slabs before you spend them. When you have spent more than you have earned you develop a commitment, rather than an overdraft. Having a commitment involves the expectation that you will put some trading energy back into the Heanor & District LETS community when you can.
Quality, Security and Courtesy

7  Heanor & District LETS cannot take responsibility for the quality of what is on offer. As with the yellow pages, an entry in the Directory is no guarantee of quality. Ensure that the person you are employing is up to the job. Most members are competent at what they offer, but not all qualified, experienced or professional, so check with them first.

8  If you make arrangements with someone, keep to them, or tell them that you can't in good time. If someone contacts you requesting your services, be honest. If you can't do it, don't.

9  Only advertise in the Directory what you are realistically willing to offer over the next 3 to 4 months. If you offer what you enjoy doing, trading will be easier and more fun.

10  Confirm the person's identity if they are not known to you personally. Do not hesitate to ask for references. Ask the person with whom you are thinking of trading, or ask the slabs Accountant to put you in touch with other people who have traded with them.

11  It is in both parties' interest to ensure each other's satisfaction, as this is a system where the currency of goodwill and integrity are highly valued.

12  You have the same consumer rights in law as with any monetary trade. We recommend you have a written contract for any job costing more than 200 slabs.

13  Check your/their insurance cover if you are asking someone to do a job which involves a degree of risk, such as roof repairs.
Please show courtesy to other members by phoning them back if they have left a message requesting you do so.