Welcome to Heanor & District Lets

Hi and Welcome to the Heanor & District LETS Trading Site

When Can We Use It !

Heanor & District LETS will be up and running from the beginning of March 2021. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join, young people over 18yrs, singles, couples and families with children and if you feel that you can offer goods or services to help the community within the Heanor & District area. We use a currency called the Slab. Slabs can only be used within the Heanor & District LETS system.

Our aims and benefits
The aims of the Heanor & District LETS are to bring together people from all walks of life, so as the community grows stronger and better, Individuals can benefit through greater access to goods and services; In addition there are more intangible benefits which also improve the quality of life, making new friends and the widening of social networks and skills.

What is LETS you may ask yourself ?
A LETS System is a trading network supported by its own internal currency. It is self-regulating and allows its users to manage and issue their own 'money supply' within the boundaries of the network.

What is the basis of LETS ?
LET'S is based on the value of the individuals within the community. This involves both freedoms and responsibilities of its members.

Where can I spend my Slab's?
Once you have joined, you will be able to trade your Slab's with other members that have adverts on the LETS trading site, or on trading days (arranged and advertised on the site) and the more members that we have the more diverse the trades will be. It all depends on what the members have to offer, and these will change all the time as new members join LETS.

Do I have to earn before I can spend ?
No, that's not necessary.

All accounts begin at zero. And will be credited with 100
Slab's when you join. For one account to move up, another account must move down. So, you can buy (trade) something from the beginning.
If you wait to earn before you spend, you could find it slower to start trading. If everybody had to wait to earn before they could spend, nobody would get started!

You use your account to earn and spend.

For example:

I pay you to paint my front door - £5 for the paint and 20 Slab's for your time. I give you a £5. We agree that I pay you the remaining 20
Slab's on your LETS trading account. Your account rises by 20 and mine goes down by 20.
You can now spend your 20
Slab's (or more, if you have them) with anyone else on the same system. Every time an account moves up, another account must move down by the same amount.
More information: Contact Peter on 07984 018749